May 28, 2008

New rules

In order to recover from my long weekend disastrous adventure, namely shopping, I have come up with an ingenious plan. I am fixing my weekly allowance at $40. So every week I am going to withdraw $40 from ATM and that's all I get to spend for the entire week. This will exclude my transportation cost, which is now fixed at $40 per month. I have already got $40 worth of quarters from bank for that. One time bus-ride fare is $1.75. I can use my car only on weekends when in-campus buses don't run. For any other expenses, I would need permission from higher authority, namely me.

I am a strict parent, am I not? Hey you need to discipline yourself once in a while. Hopefully I wouldn't have a run-in with higher authority too often. I don't want to start hating myself. :)

P.S.: BTW, for people unfamiliar with a grad student's life, this is called the conservation mode. This is the time in life of a grad student when he/she practically start living on free food available anywhere on the campus. I am browsing the grad events bulletin for this week's free food events! Concept of healthy food has gone out of window at the moment. Eat what you get free, is the new principle of life.

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