May 29, 2008

Annoyingly Organized

I hate people who are overly organized and expect rest of us to do the same. And it becomes worse when they want the advisor to follow it too. Does the whole world have to follow their schedule just because they are organized?

Ok, I admit it: I like being organized to some extent and it drives me crazy when I am not. I don't like being late for an appointment either. I don't like keep anyone waiting but I don't mind waiting myself. I don't interfere with other people's schedule or write them mails with accusatory tones. You know the mails that you would expect to get from a lawyer with point-wise descriptions. The subsections (a) and (b) will add up to the conclusion they made in the end with the accusation.

But then it takes all sort of people to make up this world. So have to deal with them too...

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