May 26, 2008

The back row..

So as I was saying, rather writing, in my previous post: I went to a movie today evening. The movie was 'Made of Honor'. Yeah I know there is an Indiana Jones movie running in the theaters too and still I went for a chick-flick or as a friend of mine calls it, a rom-com (for Romantic-Comedy). I wanted to see the Scottish Highlands. Initially I thought they will never show the Scotland but the later part of movie was shot in Scotland, and man is Scotland picturesque! Just picture perfect! It was simply amazing. The movie is ok too. Its similar to My Best Friend's Wedding'. Actually same story except its a happy ending, quite predictably. At times, all those 'Happy Ever-Afters' just cheese me off. You know, it never happens in real life. At least I haven't heard of any!

Anyways, thats beside the point. Today I realized something about the back row of a movie theater. I usually prefer sitting in the center of the back row. I didn't know that is supposed to be 'loner (cough *loser* cough) row'. People who have company occupy the front rows while people like me who "prefer" to watch the movie alone occupies the back row. It was interesting to realize that I belong to this category. Not that I care. But it was still interesting.

Oh well ok, I do care. If I don;t whine here where would I? As if over-spending the money wasn't enough, I had to get this label today to make it worse....So when I came out of the theater, I took my car and went for a long drive (approximately 80 miles...3 hours). More details about that one coming up next...

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