April 9, 2020

Would I?

With all that's going on with Coronavirus I am very sure this is going to sound highly inappropriate. I don't know if it's the fear or hope but part of my brain keeps thinking about how would my body will react to the virus. Most of the time, I am confused that it will be mild. Why? Because I don't think after 2 years of all this drama, my life will be as anti-climactic as that. The other part- the one with fear- is scared that it might just be that...


  1. I hear you.

    I get morbid thoughts too...but I enjoy weaving these feelings into short twisted stories or poetry. It's a painful process, but helps you channelise your emotions into something creative and possibly fascinating.


  2. Those are great ideas. I usually like to rant. Fiction and poetry comes hard to me. I like to draw instead. Photography helps too..

  3. Drawing and photography are great too...go for drawing...you cant pour out your emotions into something visually abstract