June 26, 2007

Summer time...

...is supposed to be so much fun. Well it should be if you can take fun classes like Yoga and Photography. But if you think about it, I am not so sure about them being fun classes.

We are supposed to shoot one roll of film everyday and develop them. Its sounds like working for 4-5 hours everyday beside 2 hours of class twice a week. And then how can twisting and turning and stretching your body in the weirdest position be fun? But according to my advisor it is! So he has officially warned me that I need to get some research done as well. Great, a lot of work, no fun and more work. Its going to be a "fun quarter". Honestly, it could have been if my advisor hasn't included the research clause in it but then what are advisors for if not spoiling all the fun!

June 25, 2007


So true..

(Copyright: PhD Comics)

Well by now you know I am a fan of PhD Comics...ironically it provides me another way of procrastinating.

June 23, 2007

Bottled water

Yesterday I received a mail about drinking water from bottle that has been sitting in car. You know the standard forwarded mail showing how caring your friends are, that they would like to warn you and everyone you love and care about this potential health hazard.

Now as luck have it, today morning I was late for my Kenpo Karate class so I didn't have time to refill my bottle. I had water in this bottle from my last class on Monday. And to be honest I didn't even remember the mail in question. So I drank the water and now I have this irritation/itch in my throat so I got worried. Now being a true grad student that I am, I went ahead and searched the net for the truth of this mail. Is it yet another Urban legend and I am over-reacting by blaming everything on this newly discovered risk or should I really worry about it? Well about.com says that they don't pose any "significant risk" to human health. At least in United States. Guess the 'insignificant risk' includes some sort of throat infection. Oh joy...seems like I am spending my insignificantly small break (Summer Quarter starts Tuesday) being sick.

June 22, 2007

Life after annual sponsor meeting/consortium...

...is so peaceful. Now I have a small break till Summer quarter starts (next Tuesday). I have a Gazallion things to do this summer but nothing till next Tuesday...

June 15, 2007

Burning The Midnight Oil

Okay, its not 'the oil' but the electricity but the phrase still applies. Trying to pull an all-nighter tonight, missed a party and currently have an overdose of caffeine. Every time I have to pull an all-nighter, I decide I will never procrastinate ever again and the very next day it starts again. This time I have gone a step further and I am procrastinating (and writing this!) tonight, the all-nighter night. Can things go worse than this?

Update: Its 5: 20 AM and I finally finished the ppt. The birds have started chirping outside. Its getting lighter by every minute. I am going to sleep for 2-3 hrs before heading to office. My question is: if I brush my teeth now will it count as night time brushing teeth or morning?

June 12, 2007

Say What?

World is getting smaller. The advances in communication technology have made sure of that. I have Landline phone, Cell phone, Orkut a/c, Facebook a/c, LinkedIn a/c, gmail (two a/c s), yahoo mail (two a/c s again) and now a blog. The trouble is that I have nothing to say.

June 9, 2007


(Copyright: Ph. D. Comics)

Who knows why people like us go for higher education? Guess we all have a bug in our head or may be we just don't want to grow up and start living in the real world. Well whatever the reasons for our insanity, here is me trying to do some rational/irrational, justifiable/totally worthless researches. Don't worry I am not here to share my great scientific discoveries (as if...) but my "social" researches. Hey lighten up...just few random thoughts from some random days of this grad student in US...enjoy