December 30, 2012

New Year, New Way. Hopefully.

Okay, 2012 had been a bad, bad year for me in a lot of ways. It has been bad for my blogging frequency (as in 22 posts in a year!), for my photography ventures (as in almost nil), for my health (as in being sick too often and not exercising at all due to back problems and busy schedules) or even for my general mood. I tried, quite often, during the year to pick all of them up but failed quite miserably.

Now we are at the starting of a new year and I am determined more than ever to restart at least some of the things I love. I am starting with my favorite thing: photography. Unlike my previous attempts, this time I am going to have very realistic goals. One photo per two weeks. Why two weeks, you ask? Oh well, I get alternate Friday off at my work if you put in an extra hour rest of the working days of two weeks. So my deadline for getting the photograph done will be Monday after my flex Friday. I am actually working on a list of topics to work on for my photography adventures.

If I succeed in my first venture, I will proceed on to others. For now I am concentrating on my first venture. One step at a time. Wish me luck!!