August 5, 2012

August Photo-A-Day Challenge: Seat you sat on

So as I said earlier, I swapped the topic of the day for 4th and 5th August. The reason being that I sat on this seat on 5th of August, 2012:


Any guesses to why this seat is significant? Oh well, I don’t know. May be perhaps because I watched this while sitting on that seat:


If you haven’t yet guessed it, well I watched India vs Korea Olympic field hockey match. It was a quite a challenge too. It poured during the first half of the game (can you se water droplets on the seat? How about splashing ground in the second photo?). I was completely drenched. Unfortunately, despite staying put in the rain and cheering for India continuously, we lost. Not that I really expected them to win, in all honesty. Yet I was hoping against hope that India might pull off somehow. Oh well.

August Photo-A-Day Challenge: Logo

Okay I know, technically, according to this list, on August 4th I was supposed to take picture of ‘Somewhere you sat’, but I decided to swap it with August 5th topic, ‘logo’. The reason will become obvious by my next post.

So, what do you think is the most popular logo in London is at the moment? Well, you got it: Olympic. The second most popular? Team GB .Well here is the logos for Team GB Olympic and Paralympic games embroidered on the cap of a fan:


You can also see one half of the Union Jack. Check out the next post for my ‘Seat’.

August 4, 2012

August Photo-A-Day Challenge: Coin

The challenge for August 3rd was Coin. This is a picture of  one of the coin from 50 pence Olympic Sport Collection coin released here by the royal mint for Olympic games. There are in total 29 coins representing 29 different sports of Olympic and Paralympic games. This one represents swimming. Its called the Aquatic coin.

On the top of the coin you see London 2012 logo (check out the logo by clicking the link). In the middle is the picture of a swimmer with his/her head down in side the water.

I took this picture outside with natural lighting, hence bad quality of the picture. I apologize. Anyhoo, off I go. Will be back with more pictures soon. IMG_4778_101

P.S.: I am thinking of swapping today and tomorrow’s topic. The reason will be evident when I post the pictures…

August 2, 2012

August Photo-A-Day Challenge: One

Believe it or not, this is a picture of inside a cupboard. So the place I am currently renting has six bedrooms. So the cupboards in the kitchen are divided among the tenants. I am okay with that, the thing that throw me off are these brass numbers inside the cupboard.Talk about marking the territories.


Two days down, 29 to go…

August 1, 2012

August Photo-A-Day Challenge

Don’t smirk. I know I have been very bad about posting lately but things seem to be a bit more settled now so I am hoping I will be able to finish this challenge at least. The inspiration for the challenge came from PB.

I am planning on putting the photos here. The reasoning being that this way I will get back in the habit of logging in and writing something regularly. So let’s keep the fingers crossed…

The first photo of the month is ‘Outside’.


This is the view outside my new apartment window. Why is this significant, you ask? Oh I don’t know, may be because you can actually see blue skies and sunshine outside. You can’t imagine how rare that is, in this part of world. I have gotten into habit of searching the skies for that on small patch of blue to remind myself that the sky is supposed to be blue in colour and not grey. So today was one of those lucky days that we could see blue skies for most part. Talk about life’s little blessings…

Weekend Fun: London 2012

The first weekend of London Olympics 2012. Guess what I did? Yep, watched some Olympics. Not on TV, silly. In the court. Actually, in a volleyball court. Actually, I watched two women volleyball matches: USA vs Korea and Brazil vs Turkey.


Guess who won Gold and Silver medals in 2008 Bejing Olympics? Brazil and USA. Guess what? USA women volleyball team has two Stanford alumni as part of the team: Foluke Akinradewo (No. 15) and Logan Tom (No. 16). So any guesses who I supported in the first match? Of course, Stanford. And yes, we did win, thank you very much.

IMG_4484_101USA women’s volleyball team.

Although I must say that South Korea did fight back. It was Olympics after all. The amount of talent and energy was amazing. I have watched some live games and its always fun but Olympics is a class of its own. These are truly professional athletes. Its so evident by their sheer power, speed, judgements and team spirit.  IMG_4526_101

Anyway the second match, Brazil vs Turkey was even more intense. While US won 3-1 against Korea (3 sets to 1 set), Brazil and Turkey played all five sets. The audience spent the last set on the edge of their seats. Literally. Both Brazil and Turkey supporters were up and cheering for their team. The tension in the stadium was palpable. Unfortunately for Turkey supporters, their team lost.

IMG_4720_101 It was a great experience being in the audience watching an Olympic match. Before I close this post, I do want to mention the contribution of volunteers, called ‘Game Makers’. About 70,000 people from the city volunteered their time to help out with Olympics. They took their personal time off to help with the games. Some of them got duty in the stadium, some were participants of Opening Ceremony, others are helping people find their way to the games. 70,000 people with no repayment what-so-ever, took vacation from work to help out. IMG_4546_101

The photo above are six volunteers mopping the floor during time-out in, what a friend called, synchronized mopping technique.They deserved and got a round of applause from the audience.

That was my weekend saga. How about you? Did you do anything fun during the weekend?