January 29, 2019

How bored am I...

- that I am seriously considering working on one of those '5 minutes craft' videos and work on some craft projects.

- that I am constantly playing 'World map quiz' and have by now learnt location of all the European, Asian and African countries, including tiny islands and city-countries. Next one on the list will be Americas. So in few days I will not say that Jamica and Haiti is somewhere in Caribbean but would know their exact position relative to each other.

- that I am seriously considering to prepare for GMAT just so that I have something to work on. But having already taken those exams twice, it is quite hard to motivate myself to waste my time on preparing for another one.

- that highlight of my day is 15 minutes of exercise I do everyday. Just because I am at least sweating while doing so.

Does any one have any brilliant idea what can I do to not be so bored?

January 28, 2019


Long time, no see. Well, happy new year and all that. The reason for this long absence is simply because some how I feel obligated to write something worthwhile and meaningful. But you know what, this is my personal blog, a space I have always used to vent out. If I used this space for its purpose, I guess there would have been 100s of postt so far telling how bored I am (instead of how tired I am - my past posts have that a lot). I guess there are two states of my being - either bored or tired. I don't know any inbetweens of the these two.

Not that I don't have any thing meaningful to vent out on. There is Sabrimala's politicization, which given the history of Ayodhya, I will be surprised if it succeeds. However, it does mean that issue is not going away anywhere soon. More than religious sentiment that may be shocked initially, may have calmed down eventually, the politics will never let it calm down now. Then there is Brexit, another issue that gets me agitated. I mean EU is ready to compromise but British parliament can't make it work! Seriously! They do know how embarassing that is! They can't carry out a democratic mandate. Next election, would the loosing party demand a re-election because they are not happy with the results? But whatever...

They all are important issues on which I can go on and on. The reason I created this blog was partly to vent out my frustration on such issues too but largely it was a personal blog, meant for my personal venting. I kind of lost that space. Guess no one wants to hear me whine about how bored I am. But you know what, whether someone likes it or not, I do want to whine a bit so I will use this space for that. You don't like it, don't read it. Simple.

You know how bored I am, I am so bored that I am creating charts for my BP and pulse recorded twice everyday. I don't have any other data to analyze. I can techincally write another paper but I would rather have at least one of my previously written paper published before I do more work. What's the point of writing another paper when none is getting published. So I am back to being utterly bored.

More posts coming soon on how bored I am unless I find something interesting to write about or share.