July 29, 2012

Sunday Shot: Dandelion

I know there are plenty of amazing shots of dandelion on the internet. What makes this special was that it was taken using a phone-camera. Its a pretty cool shot for a mere phone camera, don’t you think? I am kind of little bit proud of this shot. What do you think?


July 18, 2012

Cooking for myself and eating alone

Okay, I have a long due beef to settle with married Indian women (well not all of them but you catch my drift): Why is it that the moment a woman gets married she automatically has a superior status in kitchen than us, the unmarried ones? No seriously. Why is that?

It doesn’t matter that they are younger than me. It doesn’t matter that I have been cooking for past decade. Nope, somehow being married gives them an automatic superiority in kitchen so that they don’t hesitate to order me around in my own kitchen! Is there a test that they pass when they get married which make them more qualified than me?

And then of course, if I somehow manage to convey to them my qualification of managing myself in kitchen, there is the pity factor. “You cook for yourself? I am not sure if I can cook for just me if I was alone”. Oh well, good for them then that they didn’t spend years living by themselves. They would have starved to death.

Do they really expect me to stop cooking or better yet, stop eating because I live alone? What kind of logic is that? If not, then why all of them keep declaring it to me that they wouldn’t cook if they were alone. Some of them go as far as declaring that they can’t eat alone. They have to have company to eat.

What kind of sheltered life do these women have? Haven’t they ever travelled alone to a city where they don’t know any one and have to manage things on their own? Do they not eat the entire time they are there?

How can anyone anyone live their entire life without ever being alone for at least few weeks? How can anyone spend their entire life without ever cooking for themselves and eating alone? What a small gamut of life experience do these people have? I guess if I wasn’t so infuriated by them, I will actually pity them.

July 15, 2012

Still here

Yes, I am alive and well. Thank you for asking.
Good news is that I found yet another room. I am hoping this one will work out better than my last two attempts. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Another improvement since the last time: my new Samsung Galaxy SIII. The best part of the phone you ask? The camera, of course. And even better than that is the Instagram app. Okay, its a bit hard thing to relearn photography in a square canvas, not to mention the hardship of downloading and sharing the pictures elsewhere using the applications, I am still inclined to give it a thumbs up. Just an example of what I have been up to:
Anyhoo, result of having a camera with me all the time and having some extra time to spend: Am looking for a new photography project to start and have been searching for some ideas. So far the projects that have caught my fancy are:
- 52 photowalks. It basically involves getting out of house once a week with my camera. London being still a new city for me, this idea has possibilities. The only problem/glitch with this project is the notorious bad British weather. Imagine it pouring the day I decide to take my camera for a walk! Yet it will be a great way to explore London.
- Alphabet. Its a smaller project than previous one (only 26 alphabets!). It involves picking the alphabet and illustrate it in a way you like. It could be simply taking picture of things starting with the alphabet (imagine photographing X for X-ray!) or simply photographing that particular alphabet in different scenario (phew!).
- Colour or shape. Well you simply pick a colour or a shape and take pictures revolving them. I think it will get very boring, very soon but you never know unless you have tried.
- Architecture/historical monuments. Again being in London helps.
Do you have any cool ideas for a photography project? I seriously need to start a project.