February 25, 2013

Photography Challenge 3: Weather


As luck would have it, his time I haven’t been able to go around to take a picture. I have been feeling under the weather for past couple of days. Add to it bad weather (snow and such), it was quite hard for me to go out to take pictures. Yes, ironic. I know. So this week I have only one picture to share which I happened to capture before my misery days started. Hope you enjoy it.


I call it a cloudy sunset. Hope you like it. Until next time…

February 20, 2013



No seriously. ‘Who?, how?, why?’ are the normal question that pops into my head when I see such photos posted by someone in my age group on Facebook. I understand when aunties or my mom do such a thing. They are new to Facebook, internet and the world of cynicism. I even understand when teenagers or my nephew post such random stuff. They are too young to be a cynic.

But when someone my age living in the same world as mine post such a nonsense, I am completely lost. I can’t make an excuse for them. Okay I can make one excuse. They are trying to stay positive. Other than that I really don’t understand how can anyone actually believe in this nonsense.

Or is it just me? Am I too much of a cynic while the world is happy, positive place where people actually begin their days with a grateful heart? Am I the only one who starts her day with a groanful heart?

February 13, 2013

Surprise Endings


So in past two weeks I have watched four movies, King's Speech, Hugo, Midnight in Paris and Black Swan. I liked all of them except the last one. Dark Swan is a bit darker than my taste in movie.

(Images linked to their source)

All of these movies had a different story line and a very different ending than the usual movies. However the movie that really surprised me was Midnight in Paris. I, more or less, expected endings of Hugo and King's Speech. I didn't know what to make of Black Swan from starting to end so no comment on that one. But Midnight in Paris was supposed to be the safe movie. The rom-com with happy ending. You know the one where boy and girl fight, then realize they are in love a bit too late and then everything turns a-okay somehow.

Midnight in Paris started with an engaged couple who are in Paris for a trip and ends with them breaking up. It also ends up with the protagonist (the hero) realizing the pointlessness of his dream and finally giving up on it. And yet, the ending of the movie has that feel-good quality. Strange, huh?

It just made me think that how we have been conditioned by our movies to think that a good ending, a happy ending is when the couple ends up together. An ending with a break-up has to be a tragedy, isn't it? We should feel sorry for him or her. But Midnight in Paris made me think about how a break-up can sometimes be a good thing. A new start perhaps. Hence we don't feel sorry for the protagonist but instead feel the relief when he ends that dead-weight relationship.

Rarely a supposedly rom-com makes me think the way this movie has done. Nice movie. At least I liked it.

February 11, 2013

Photography Challenge 3: B&W - Greenwich

As in Greenwich Mean Time.  Yep, been there, done that. Although, I must say I was quite impressed. I didn’t think it will be any good. I was pleasantly surprised.

Before I go any further, let me tell you how difficult this challenge had been for me. I have been quite busy with work lately which has resulted in Carpal Tunnel syndrome to flare as well as my back ache is back. I still somehow managed to get to Greenwich this Friday before the weather took an ugly turn.

Since I have pain in my both hands, I am keeping typing to a minimum this time though i would have love to tell you stories about royal observatory, Maritime museum, Thames walk in Greenwich, Old Royal navy college, Cutty Sark and others. All I can do today is show you few of the snapshots of my exploration in that part of the town.


Above: Thames walk in Greenwich. You can see the O2 arena and part of Canary Wharf that forms part of London skyline.

Below: Another view from Thames walk showing Canary Wharf.



Above: Old Royal Navy College from Maritime Museum.

Below: View of London City from Royal Observatory.



Above: Maritime Museum. Yes they have Ansel Adams exhibit on at the moment. If my back wasn’t hurting as bad it was at that time, I wouldn’t have missed it. Never thought I will walk away from Ansel Adams exhibition. (Yes I cheated a bit on this one. It is not entirely black and white. Had to make sure that you can see the ship in the bottle.)

Finally, my favourite picture of the trip. This is an entrance to Greenwich foot tunnel which is a pedestrian tunnel crossing beneath River Thames. Yep, you heard me right. It is a pedestrian tunnel that goes under Thames river to the other side. It is an under-river bridge (I totally made up that word). Do you know the most amazing part? It was built in 1902! Amazing, huh? I had to write this one down. I was quite impressed by this.


Until next time. BTW, I would appreciate a few comments now and then. If you could please…