September 30, 2007

How can they?

My friend's family name is Tan . Her niece's (her brother's daughter) name is Summer. I will totally understand if poor little Summer Tan grows up to hate her parents. I know I would. This is cruelty, people. A case of child abuse, I say.

September 28, 2007

Justice is a dream...

...but it is a dream we are determine to realize.

(Source: Ko-htike)

This picture is part of the human brain of a young boy attacked by Burmese SPDC soldiers at Tarmwe Township, Yangon yesterday. Riot police were not using rubber-coated rods. They were using heavy iron rods instead, which broke the skull, putting the young man to the end on the spot. This photo was taken after the dead body was taken away by the notorious Burmese soldiers. (source: Burmamyanmargenocide)

Kenji Nagai, a photographer for the AFP news agency, lies defenceless in the street, apparently wounded but trying to take more photos of the military's assault. A soldier stands over him, pointing a gun at his chest. Japanese TV later reported that he had been shot at close range. (Source: Telegraph )

(Source: Picasa web album )

(Source: Picasa web album )

What more can I say? The latest news looks promising though. There is report of military coup. At least the military doesn't seem as heartless as their Chinese counterparts. Remember Tiananmen Square protests of 1989? I totally expected a military coup after the tragedy. Stories said they killed their own sons. Hope everything goes well in Myanmar...

P.S.: Bravo to all the bloggers and citizen journalists of Myanmar who are keeping outside world updated with the latest news. I wish outside world could be more active towards their plight. For the latest check the Cbox and this site.

September 25, 2007

Down the memory lane


Heart wrapped in detachment
Relationship enclosed in trust
Love strings with the elasticity of compromise
Have no price tag - or lifetime guarantee

I found my old diaries in deep boxes at home and brought them with me. No, I never rhymed. This was a small poem I found written at back of my notebook in college years along with another one (including the title and indentations). I liked it then so noted it down in my diary. I never found out who wrote it. I also kept wondering about the use of word "detachment" in the poem. BTW , there isn't a rhyme in the poem, is there? Just indentation... I am not sure it qualifies for a poem.

Anyway, the second "poem" was even cuter...
Me N You

Distance of individuality
Keeps them wide apart
Although they share the same memories
Their words have less to say
Together they are drifted away
Towards a kind of reservation
where others hesitate to intrude

Sweet memories! When I wrote down these lines in my diary I had no idea that someday I would be writing this down in a blog. The idea of blog wasn't conceived at that time. How fast time changes...

Mera Gaon Mera Des

While my way to Delhi we happened to go through a less frequented by-pass due to on-going construction on the Delhi highway in the middle of day. Anyway, the road was great and it passed through the country side. Took a couple of shots. Posting few shots...Mere Desh Ki Dharti:

September 22, 2007

..And I am back

Seen on a Swaraj Mazda truck's fuel tank while going to the airport:
Iraq ka pani
kum pee meri rani

roughly translated, and let me warn you that I can't rhyme to save my life so its literal translation:
O my queen drink less
of Iraq's water
Anyways, the news is that I am back. Landed 2 hours ago and obviously writing this post now while watching the movie "Something Gotta Give"..ahhh sweet home.

September 11, 2007

Heights of God

I am back from Vaishnav Devi. My first and last trip to that place. Honestly, why do these Gods have to make their temple so high up in mountain and why can't they have trollies to reach there like they have for Mansa Devi in good old Hardwar? Now you would ask why on Earth did I go to Vaishnav Devi when I am an Agnostic. Well my mom wanted to go to Vaishnav Devi and it did sound like a good photo opportunity so I went. And yes, I kept asking myself the same question all over the hike,"Why am I here?". Who can think about taking the photos when you can't stand and you have to walk up the hills? Camera was just an extra load on my back. Each and every joint in the body has been hurting ever since.

The commercialization of God and the Temple is admirable though. It seems the whole town of Katra (the base of the hike) survives because of that temple. God is used as the selling point. I wonder, is Vaishnav Devi famous as a result of this commercialization or the other way round? In any case, I learned my lesson. No more temples for me. No matter how appealing the surroundings may sound.

September 2, 2007


I am finally home but the internet access I hoped for isn't there so I have to take a brief break. I will be back as soon as I can sort out the internet situation at home otherwise when I am back to my home, I mean my other home.

AS I have 5 minutes left in my alloted time here in internet cafe, let me bore you with some details of the visit so far. The weather hasn't been bad, actually I expected it to be much hotter than this. I got two of my wisdom teeths pulled out and got a stitch at the back of my mouth. So I am on ice-cream diet. Yippe. Though I have already gained weight (its been a week ONLY!). Ok time's up...Bye...