January 19, 2020

Simply life

"It was my 40th birthday. That's when my life changed. Not drastically. Although the change itself was drastic. I became from a nobody to someone with a considerable amount of power. Not that I wanted power or was seeking it.

I was three months into my mid-life crisis I called the Executive-MBA when this happened..."

I never dreamt of writing an autobiography in my life. But if I ever did, those will be the opening lines. No 'Once upon a time...' and no, it will not start with the day I was born. In my head, the book sounds like quite a thriller. Too many "Oooh and how did she get out of that one..." for my taste. But it has to wait, that is if it ever gets written down. I haven't still gotten out of this particular situation I am in at the moment.

Some day, I will learn the whole truth about all of it. Some day, all this will be behind me. Some day, I will be in control of my own life again...well as much as anyone is in charge of their life. Some day - a day I have been waiting for desperately for the past two years now. Some day. I have tried bribing the Gods for that day to come. I have cried and begged. I have gone on a hunger strike. I have done anything and everything I could but to no avail so far. Some day. I just can't wait for that day...

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