December 1, 2019

Week that was (25/11-1/12)

So what do I bring along this week, you ask? Well, some nice sunrise pics to start with. I have been going for the morning run and walk for the past month or so. As the winter approaches, the sunrise has become a fixed feature of these runs/walks. Every sunrise is different, every sunrise is breathtakingly beautiful. Taken from same-ish spot are the pictures of four such sunrises.

Exercising has been a regular part of my daily routine for the past month or so. However, surprisingly, I have gained another kg while I have visibly reduced dress size. I have said before that weight is just a number. One shouldn't put too much emphasis on it but it is quite hard to do. Especially when other indicators show that you are losing weight and the scale shows you a different story. Oh well! The fact remains that I do have better stamina than when I started. I feel more healthy, more energetic, and a bit sore. It's a good feeling. 

I also got my blood test done this week. My triglycerides are back to normal, thanks to all the exercising. It was one of the reasons I have been exercising for the past month or so. Another goal was weight loss but guess that will take time. My Vitamin B12 levels are also back to normal which is another good news. So only aches and pains I have now are due to the exercising. Yay!

So all in all, this was a good week physical-health wise. I did miss my cousin's wedding this week so not very happy about that. In fact, that was the only thing that's pulling me down this week. 

Ending the weekly rant with another diptych. Just two different scenes that caught my eye. Both of them are the play of light: one is the shadow, the other is the reflection. Very different yet quite similar. 

P.S.: I miss the regular comments on the blog too. I think this is a week of vanity. I want to have all the meaningless numbers.  

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