November 2, 2007


One of things I like about Facebook is getting updated status of my friends. They are very entertaining. Here is a sample of latest status of my friends (for privacy issues, I am using the initials):

MK is wondering whether she will ever be a real scientist.
5 hours ago. (Yep. She is a Stanford Geek!)

GC is in love with this weekend !
7 hours ago. (And she isn't.)

KM is wishing a very happy birthday to her special guy :)
10 hours ago. (She is sooo.. in love. She is obviously a teenager. In fact, A sophomore.)

MP is starting a weekend adventure.
10 hours ago. (Hmmmm..."Weekend Adventure". Interesting.)

VB is going to be catwoman on Saturday!
22 hours ago. (Fun Girl.)

ES is Rawr.
on Thursday. (Okay, I have no idea, what does that mean.)

PJ is applying for a green card!
on Wednesday. ("PJ" will be soon American.)

YA is excited he felt the earthquake.
on Wednesday.(Crazy People.)

GC is is back in the game!
on Tuesday. (Which game? )

RP is feeling old-er-er.
on Tuesday. (His B'day was two days before the day he posted this. Explains the two "-er"s. )

NA is having beers
on Monday.(Good for him.)

Richa is upset.
a moment ago. (That's me. :( )


  1. Eekkkss...publicizing of privacy ! :p :p

  2. Eekkkss...publicizing of privacy ! :p :p