November 9, 2007

Happy Diwali

Finally, I got home and could get on the internet. This shot is from my own personal celebration of Diwali tonight. I hope you had a better time and wish you all a bright and prosperous New Year. Now I have to go back and reply back to all the nice and kind friends who took time to wish me today.

P.S.: Just realized, this post follows the post on Atheism. Please don't get confused, I set all this up (including the black cloth (actually a pillow case) in the background and a bright table lamp to get proper lighting) to get some cool pictures of Diwali and not to pray for prosperity or anything. I am big fan of traditions even though I am agnostic. See how pretty this looks!


  1. lovely snap of Diwali celebration by an atheist that reiterates the point that God can assert his existence even on the blog of an atrheist....!!!!(Reasons may be different but the ultimate truth is that HE is there)

  2. @ Anonymous/BFF: Spoken like a true believer, reiterating the point without giving any arguments/proofs. And as I clarified earlier, I am agnostic and not an atheist.

    You see God and I see good craftsmanship. Depends on the view. I like to agree with Kabir.

    Paathar Pooje Hari mile to Mai Puju Pahad,
    Tatte yeh chakki bhali Pees khaye sansar