November 16, 2007


Just went out to get few things at 7-Eleven (neighborhood convenience store). As I was walking through the parking lot, I saw an old man in nice pant-shirt, a headphone and a BLACKBERRY in his hand. I went in, got my stuff and as I am walking back through the parking lot, same old man calls out to me, 'Hey honey, have any spare change?'

I have an older version of this Motorola phone (I couldn't even find the phone I have anywhere online, guess its completely obsolete) that I bought 2 years back. I am not sure what to feel? Embarrassed, insulted or just amused? I am just numb at the moment.


  1. hehe. maybe he really did need change. like for parking or something.

  2. Nope, he was actually shaking change in his hands to attract attention, so he already had some change. And there is no parking meter in the parking lot there. There is a pay phone there though but he already had a BLACKBERRY...

    Only possible explanation I have is that someone dropped his/her blackberry in the parking lot and he happened to find it. Good for him though not so good for whoever lost it..

  3. Hey I was surprised to see a clerk in a dingy government office own a blackberry......

  4. @ Anonymous/BFF: Clerk in a Government office has far more sources of income than anyone else in our country. How much did you pay?