October 9, 2007

Men versus Women

"Men are stronger than Women. That's a fact." : A friend (obviously male) in Karate class tried to tease us.
"Yeah and Women are more flexible than Men. Whats your point?": Another friend (again, obviously female) replied back.

Can't help replaying this conversation over and over again in my mind. Karate classes are fun!


  1. it depends on individuals..:)lol.....this debate has been on for ages......

  2. Yep..an age old, never ending debate of men versus women. I think the problem is that everyone wants to make a generalized conclusion but as you said it depends on individual.

    Thanks for dropping by..

  3. strong. flexible. hmmmmmm... the makings of a porn movie i say... [:P]

  4. @crazybugga: ooooh. you ruined it for me.