October 25, 2007

Photo Time: The Fauna of Stanford

Ok, I am killing time. I have to meet my advisor (yes, again!) in half an hour which means I can't start with anything new and can't fret about the meeting all this time. So here are few pictures from my new D-SLR (Oooh, did I tell you that I am falling in love..with my new camera, of course).

The squirrel getting ready to jump in the branches which he actually did a split second later.

Terrified squirrel (oh ok, I terrorized it with my camera) running hither and thither.

Woodpeckers at work. You can see the holes in the poor tree created by them.

The blue bird..I don't know what its called. But I like them nevertheless, except when they start screaming. This one is in pensive mood. Probably thinking, should I get down or not....

Ok..still got 15 minutes. Let me find some better job now..

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