October 24, 2007

Bobby Jindal Quiz

Which one of these is the most important achievement of Bobby Jindal:
1. He is first non-white governor of Louisiana, a southern state.
2. He is first Indian-American governor in U.S. history.
3. At 36, he is nation's youngest governor.

If you picked 2, you are a Desist. If you picked 1, you are an anti-racist. And if you picked 3, you don't give a damn about it, do you? I like you.

Edit: Ummm, yeah the Desist here doesn't refer to the English word 'desist' (meaning cease to proceed or act..no pun intended) but its name for group of people practicing Desism as explained here. Sorry for the confusion.


  1. hehehe......ms.geek...(i like the comic)of course, i choose #3...he is youngest governer..its quite an achievement it self....

  2. I agree. thats quiet an achievement at age of 36..