October 17, 2007

Another one

Tip #55A (from the book called "Tips for stalling your blog-readers"): If you don't have anything interesting to write, put up a picture. That will ought to keep them occupied.

Tip #78 (from the same book): Another good way of stalling the readers is writing a random post about things you like or dislike. Remember they don't have anything better to do so they will put up with any crap you put up there.

I debated between the two and decided to give tip #55A another shot. So here is another sketch from my old sketch book. Among all my sketches, I always liked this one best . Elderlies are pretty hard to sketch...their wrinkles come in the way of their facial feature. May be thats why they are such a popular theme.


  1. hahaha...plz send me the link of the book...I agree with ur choice....but not very artistic...i would post some Pretty gals pick...more crowd attraction than old man....lolz

    jokes apart nice pic....its difficult to sketch...this kind of pics..

  2. hehehe..the book is still in progress. You see, the author is yours truly and this blog is actually research project for that book..so Suggestions are welcomed!

    I will be watching out for those gals on ur site!!

  3. haha....I am sorry to disipoint u...but i dont have "Canon EOS 40D" to take a pic...poor me...:)

    If u ever visit plz do leave u r comment...:)