January 3, 2008

Room Under Destruction

I am in the middle of rearranging furnitures in my room. Its been three years I have been living with the same setting. So this new year, my room is going to have a new look. But thats later...right now my room is a complete mess. I am not sure I can get out of the room in case of emergency. I have been working non-stop for last 3 hours so thought I can use a break. Hence this post.

To top all the mess, my laptop seems to have encountered a virus that is trying to install itself on my laptop over and over again. My smart Spy Sweeper is stopping it from doing so but every nth second it keeps telling me that it stopped the virus from doing so. I am not sure how to tell my dearest laptop: "Good Job! Keep the good work but for God's sake, stop showing off!! At least, let me finish my post in peace". I tell you these antiviral software are so vain. They won't let go of a single chance to show themselves off. Erghhh...

P.S.: Yes, I know I somehow can turn off this warning thingy in the software. I just don't know exactly how. Okay let me get back to the room now.


  1. new year..new changes....good to see that......;)

  2. :) Yeah finally it was time to change...