January 5, 2008

Pride or Vanity?


  1. I have a question for you..

    "If you got it, flaunt it.."

    Pride or Vanity :o) ??

  2. i never do tat. Nothin much to see, u see [:)]

  3. @ viji: Good question. If I flaunt something I am proud of, will it be considered vanity? I am seeking others approval/opinion by doing so. May be its both: Pride and Vanity together. What say you?

    @ Crazzybugga: You mean about not looking the mirror, I presume. Question here was deeper than that though. Its about admiring yourself in the introspection (symbolized by looking into mirror).When you do so,is it just your opinion that you consider or everyone else's too? Is it pride or is it vanity? I think its very hard to distinguish..afterall we are social animals and opinion of people around us does matter and hence shape our own opinion about ourselves. Does it not?