June 15, 2010

A filler post

Submission is tomorrow. So today I am cursing the day I signed up for NaBloPoMo (I have assigned fifteen minutes to write this post. I have already spent 5 minutes to find the video below). But the good news is, that I have already crossed the half way mark. I think taking one-day at-a-time approach is working. Guess I do have commitment tissues. I haven’t had to resort to a filler post so far. Well at least till today. (I know I am rambling. You try be creative  in 10 minutes).

So today I am filling up this space with this video and keeping my commitment with NaBloPoMo. It is a great comment on the social networking. It’s funny, and quite sad, to see how relationships in virtual space have become more important than the real world relationship. How number of friends on such sites have become the measure of “coolness” in this modern world.

I am not necessarily against these social networking sites. I have found so many friends due to the increased contacts with old friends. (Once, via a common friends I found out about an old friend living two blocks from my place!) I also like sharing photos with my friends and family all at once, instead of sending an individual email to each of them.

Social networking has a lot benefits (a cousin of mine reconnected with an old friend via facebook and now, they are getting married!) despite how much media makes fun of it.

Your thoughts?


  1. LOL @ the video.

    It's all in what one wants to use it for. Finding lost friends, reconnecting with friends, etc. are all ok. As one maintains a limit and doesn't get too addicted, it's fine, I guess.

  2. Oh, good luck with your submission :)

  3. Good luck with the submission!!! You need to take a pic of the final product!!! Will come back and check out the video...

  4. That's true. Extreme in any case is not good anyway. The trouble is that everyone for some reason wants to emphasize the negative side of social media and never say anything good about it. There is a reason that so many people find them appealing and we can't ignore that factor.

  5. I did! Hope you liked it...