July 16, 2011

The Deathly Hallows-2

Spoiler Warning

And the saga ends. The saga of Harry Potter. The story of an orphan who longed for his parents. The story of a boy who kept losing the people he loved. A boy who had the responsibility of the whole world on his shoulder. The boy who lived. The boy who willingly died for others.

The Deathly Hallows was the saddest book of the Harry Potter series. From the death of Dobby to the death of Fred Weasley and finally, to the death of Harry Potter. It was one emotional ride. The movie was every bit emotionally challenging as the book. The entire audience was sniffling yesterday when they saw the bodies of Remus and Tonks, when Snape died, when Harry went through Snape’s memories especially when Snape found Lily’s dead body, and when Harry Potter said

“There is a reason why I can hear the Horcruxes. I have known it for sometime now and I know you do too.”

Thankfully it didn’t elaborate on Harry’s journey through the forest.

The movie started with You-know-who taking the elder wand from Albus Dumbledore’s grave while Harry sat in front of Dobby’s grave with the tombstone that said:

“Here lies Dobby, A Free Elf.”

The trios breaking into Gringotts Wizarding bank and their escape on a dragon was beautifully pictured. The massacre of wizards when You-know-who heard the news was something I didn’t imagine when I was reading the book. It was one of those moments when you realize how brutal and scary You-know-who really is. It was re-emphasized by the way he murdered Snape. 

The movie is brilliantly made and very well directed. I wouldn’t say that it matches up to the book, no movie can do that, but it is the best a movie could have done.

Having said that, I should also mention that I didn’t like the epilogue. The three teenager by no way look older. They look comical especially when kids clearly few years younger to them call them mom and dad. I think they could have either skipped that part entirely or could have done a better job with it.

In all, a great movie. Try to watch it in 3D. The 2D version is slightly out of focus, at least it was in the theater I watched it in.

P.S.: Pardon my grammar today. I am always confused about which tense to use when writing a report, review etc.: past or present?


  1. Remus and Tonks die? Damn. I didn't remember that. I'm on the 6th book at the mo so will be reading that next. I knew Snape died and George and Dobby. I didn't like the 'nineteen years later' in the book...thought it was a corny ending. But I think she did it to make sure no one would continue with the book. Not planning on watching the movie though...

  2. "to the death of harry potter" ... As far as I remember from the books, Harry does not die in the end! The horocrux  which is inside his body is destroyed when Voldy puts the killing curse on him. But all that happens to harry is he kind of goes in a state between life and death, where he choses to return back to life, and he does.

    Not sure if they changed this part in the movie! Going to watch it today :)

  3. Oh well, that's kind of debatable. Harry did go to his death and was killed by You-know-who, the reason the protection charm came into effect and protected all of them against You-know-who's spell. It wouldn't have been possible if Harry hadn't died. So technically he did die but came back to life because he was the Master of Death so he could choose whether to stay dead or come back to life. 

    I know I am a complete Harry Potter Nerd!

  4. Oh yes, they did. That was supposed to be parallel to James and Lily's death in beginning of the books and leaving behind their son orphan. 

    I didn't mind the epilogue in the book as much but hated it in the movie. 
    I do hope she continues to write. I am looking forward to it! :)

  5. Oh wow... you are a total Harry Potter nerd :D :D

  6. Told ya! :)

    I have not only read the books multiple time, I have followed and participated in various online Harry Potter discussion where fans strip down each and every last detail to make sense out of it. What can I say? I am a Harry Potter Nerd...

  7.  you take part in those discussions too?!! Me too :)
    btw, saw the movie and loved it. (did a post on it too:D). But I have to agree with you on the 19 years later part.. I wish they had skipped it.

  8. I can't get enough of Harry Potter so I go searching for anything related to it! Glad to know there are others who do the same. I thought I am the only weird one. :)

    Will read the post shortly! :)