June 27, 2011

10 Day Challenge: Seven Wants

Oh, this is an easy one. I want everything! See so simple. No? Okay let me try again. I want world peace and eradication of  poverty and sickness from the world (an excerpt from my Nobel prize speech. What? I am more likely to win the Nobel prize than win a beauty pageant!) Okay fine, I will write down seven things. Here it goes;

1. Hassleblad H4D-60

For uninitiated, it’s a medium format camera with 60MP sensor. I can’t even start to describe all the features of this beautiful camera. The only two cons of this camera: 1) it weighs about 1.8 kg and 2) it costs about $40,000.

hasselblad_h4d_2 (1)

2. Server and accessories

I would like to build a server from scratch one day. I don’t really need it but I do want it. Oh yes, I do. It will be nice to have one for post-processing my photographs faster as well as storing them in the server. Oh yes, while I am at it, I would like the Eizo FlexScan T2351W monitor and a Canon Pro9000 Mark II printer.

3. House

I want to buy a house with about 5-6 bedrooms, a game room, a dinning-room, a breakfast area, a living room, an entertainment room, a sun room, a big kitchen along with a basement that I can convert to a gym and a nice backyard. Also enough money to decorate my house exactly the way I want it, without cutting corners. Hey, you are the one who asked what I want!

4. Vacations

Oh there is a whole list for this section: all the places that I would love to visit in my life time. A cross country drive in US and Canada, drive across/train trip Europe, to visit Egyptian pyramids and river Nile, Peruvian country side to Falkland islands and it goes on and on. tourism

5. A New Wardrobe

Oh, how I would  love a new, stylish wardrobe. An outfit for all occasion, whether its casual or formal, evening or business. Instead of me standing in my closet (oh yes, I have a walk-in closet in my apartment) with multiple clothes and yet nothing right for the occasion.


6. Health

This one is pretty important to me. I don’t like being sick. I don’t like having back pains. Anything that stops me from exercising or going out, I don’t like. I like to be mobile at all time. So being healthy is really important to me.


7. Happiness

Yet again, the obvious. Like every one else, I do want to be happy.


That’s all for today, All the images are linked to their source.

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  1. That camera looks so so fancy! 1.8 kgs.... woow!

  2. Oh its a beauty! I had the fortune of holding it once. And you should see the pictures it can take! Some day...

  3. Don't know much about cameras but it sure looks good! New wardrobe would be nice...and you have a walk-in closet...cool! :) Not that I have enough clothes for a walk-in closet. 

  4. Walk-in closet is one of the few advantages of living in Houston. They have space, a lot of it. So houses are bigger and closets are a room. 

    I have a lot of clothes, though only few of them are wearable. Most of them are either a gift (so I can't throw them and since they look ridiculous on me, I can't wear them) or the free stuff that I got as a student (a bit sentimental about them too). Most of the clothes are either too big (free stuff) or too small (gifted). So basically my closet is filled with clothes but I have very few things to actually wear.  :(

  5. Lol...I have boxes like that with clothes that don't fit anymore. Either too small or too big. I though don't get rid of them because I have high hopes of fitting into the small clothes, and worry that I may need the big ones someday! And thereby, I end up hoarding!