March 1, 2010

Farmville Crazy?

So the newest trend on Facebook by non-Farmville-crazy friends of mine is to join the hate groups like:

I don’t care about your farmville status. SO STOP POSTIING THEM, or

Another Farmville invite and I will kill your animals and burn your crops, or

I hate Farmville, or

To Hell with Farmville, etc.

If you are Farmville crazy and have friends that are less understanding to your idiosyncrasies like you are of theirs (as their non-stop quizzes or their daily updates of their “friend's of day” or “Fortune Cookie” or their non-sensical statuses), then you might want to read this post. BTW, isn’t that the point of these stupid social network statuses? And, if you are so bothered by these statuses there is a simple way to stop all the updates from people hooked in to Farmville. At least that’s what I do with people who take too many quizzes. I think it’s more polite than joining these groups. But then each to his/her own. Politeness isn’t a universal phenomenon.

So the point of the post is to teach you a way to be able to publish the Farmville updates only to your Farmville-crazed friends (and yes it is very important for us to publish those updates as they help us in the game). The trick is simple. Make a new friend list and select that list every time you publish your Farmville notifications. Got it? NO? Okay, let me break it into smaller steps:

1. Create a new list, say Farmville. At the moment (Oh yes, I am sick of Facebook changing its appearance all the time) you can do this by clicking on the “Account” (it’s on top right corner) and select “Edit Friend”. It initially takes you to the “Find Friends” page. However, if you browse the left side menu, it shows the List. Click on the “Friends”. You will reach the page as seen below:


Now you can create a new list either by clicking the “Create New List” and then selecting the friends that play Farmville. Or you can select the list to assign to your friend to from the list menu given in front of your friend’s name.

2. Once you have created the list, it’s pretty simple. So anytime Farmville prompts you to publish something, you will get a window like:

Farm1 Click on the lock next to “Publish” button. Select “Customize” from the list and next window “Custom Privacy” will pop-up:

Farm2 On the menu of “Make this visible to”, select “Specific People”. Now you can type the name of your list in the text box provided below and click “Save Setting”.

Farm3 You will taken back to the main window and if you hover over the lock now, you will be able to see the name of your list:


Mind you, you have to undergo this procedure every time you need to publish anything for the Farmville. So if your friends are bothering you, use this small trick.


Coming back to real world! I am sorry I didn’t keep up my promise about Friday favs. For some reason, I have a writer’s block against them, so I am ditching it for now. I don’t want to stop writing completely due to that.

On yet another note, it was Holi today and I made this special farm montage especially for you guys! (well it looks way cooler in the farm. The white flowers in the side are Lilies, The red color is due to Tulips and yellow is Golden Tulips. Alas! I have to harvest my hard work) Hope those of you who are India, got to celebrate Holi in a nice and safe way, and it lacked the groping and other harassment usually associated with the festival.



  1. Wow! That's a cool thing to do!!
    I have a lot of friends who are 'fed-up' of my FarmVille feeds and some of them have blocked FarmVille application, so they dont get any such feeds!
    PS: Are you saying that one has to do ALL the steps every time one publishes something from FarmVille?? Or just the final step?? Let me check it out...

  2. Ok...tried it!! Its good. Hope my non-farming friends are happy at this change! But will not be able to do it all the time!! Will have to do it consciously!!

  3. Oh yes! Just the step 2 has to be repeated every time you want to publish something!!

    I know exactly what you mean. I explored this feature due to such "friends".

  4. I know! Even I mess up some times and publish it to all and then regret it. Don't worry at least they will be happy if they are getting lesser of our precious farmville's news feed. I hope..

  5. Sensational info. I look forward to seeing more..