June 29, 2011

10 Day Challenge: Five Foods

1. Maggi


Truth be told, the first time I ate Maggi (I was about 6 or 7), I hated it. But I made my mom buy them for the cool games they promised in exchange of 5 wrappers. Then I ate the fried Maggi at a friend’s place and the life-time love affair started.

2. Peanuts


I have always loved peanuts and anything related to it. I will eat peanuts till I am sick and may be even after that. Someone needs to physically stop me from eating peanuts.

3. Bhindi (Okra)fresh-bhindi

I can eat bhindi day after day, week after week, month after month without getting bored. Though I like my bhindi slightly burned. Actually I like a lot of things on slightly burned side.

4. Chicken

tandoori chicken

I have attempted to become a vegetarian multiple times in my life but I love chicken too much to be one. Not that I eat chicken every day, just once a month or so, but I can’t give it up. I have stopped trying now..

5. Rasmalai


Well a food post has to have a dessert item too, isn’t it? I have a sweet tooth but my favorite dessert of all time is Rasmalai.

That’s all for now. All the images are linked to their source.

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4 responses:

Psych Babbler said...

Now I'm craving something sweet after seeing the rasmalai! :P

Richa said...

Yeah, this is not a healthy post. I felt so many cravings last night that I ended up eating junk after two weeks of being good. :(

Aathira Nair said...

I am so craving the maggi and that chicken fry!!

Richa said...

I don't think its going to be a good weekend for me. Its a long weekend with nothing to do and I have craving for all the junk food. Not a good combination..

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