January 20, 2011

The Corrupt World

Don't ask me how (I think I was looking up something on economy), but I landed up on this map of corruption perception index. I was amazed to see how few countries are actually non-corrupt in this world. I really never realized how widespread the corruption really is. It was an eye opener for me. No wonder people keep crying end of the world.

How about you? Did you know that we lived in such a corrupt world?
 Map of Corruption Perception Index. Red are corrupt while blues are non-corrupt countries. Click to enlarge. (Source: Wikipedia)


  1. Yes .. various surveys published in newspapers and online have always pointed to a very corrupt world. I came to know about this mostly through newspaper reports which place India at Xth position in the index of corrupt countries in the world. It made me happy to see there are countries more corrupt than our own. Even many of the so-called developed countries are rotten corrupt.

    Having said that, I'd be interested in knowing how omnipresent corruption is in these countries. For example, I am pretty sure corruption is rampant in US - but not to a level that it affects the common man. I reckon it is required only if one wants to do business in the high places. Contrast that with India where it is mighty difficult for anyone at all to escape corruption.

  2. It doesn't really surprise my cynical self. I must say that was one thing about Australia that stood out for me...the lack of corruption. Especially when compared to where we came from. I even remember having to pay money to the police in India just to get my own passport! Or to the courier person to get the same. All this on top of paying the actual passport fees. Oh well.