November 1, 2009

Blog readers

..and their feedbacks are very important. I am realizing that yet again while writing the WPW blog. Unlike this blog, WPW blog is focused on a very specific audience and for some unknown reason, they don’t comment (or may be they don’t even care about the blog). And it makes writing on the blog difficult and highly un-motivating.

This blog, on the other hand, has been a personal blog and hence the friend’sblog_logo feedbacks through personal communication had been enough to motivate me to keep writing over the years. Plus, I never focused so much on the reader while writing on this blog. It has been more of a venting place for me than writing for an audience. I guess that’s why I find it so difficult to write on the WPW blog. I have never written for strangers!  

The reason I am ranting today about this is because I spend hours yesterday writing and queuing up posts for WPW blog for the next two weeks. It was easy to pick out the pictures I wanted to put in the post but it was so hard to write about them or anything else. I am not entirely satisfied with the posts I have written there. They seem to be missing the soul. I have written for sake of writing. I think it would have been so much easier for me to write, if I knew at least few of the readers (if any) of the blog but guess that’s not gonna happen! :(

In any case, I have 5 posts queued up on WPW to be published in next two weeks excluding the one I posted yesterday for Halloween. Hopefully one of those Alumni will care to comment or even check out the site. Am keeping my fingers crossed.

P.S.: Please don’t get offended, I am simply ranting. The feedback I get on this blog is very important to me as well. It motivates me to take time from a busy schedule and write. :)  You guys are very kind to tolerate my endless ranting and complains, and support me through difficult times. In a way, I know you and hence don’t feel like that I am communicating with strangers while writing on this blog unlike WPW.


  1. Not offended at all. I think sometimes, on personal blogs, the readers become like family --- you can rant all you want and they will listen without judging. maybe family is a bit of an exaggeration (as I've had some readers get into arguments with me for my views) but at least close enough to talk about what's on your mind whereas as you say, WPW is for strangers...

    Good luck with WPW anyway and hope the alumni do comment!!

  2. hmmm....

    well best of luck with comments on for here we are commenting.. ;)

    :) :) :)

  3. @PB: I completely agree! fortunately I got two comments on WPW as well! so I am happy now :)

    @ Nikhil: Thanks Nikhil!! And welcome to the blog!