July 1, 2008

Yet Again...

I lost my wallet. I had to block all my cards, YET AGAIN. I had to call up all the companies to hold off their dues for a week..YET AGAIN. I am penniless..YET AGAIN (though thinking about it I am always penniless..I am a grad student). I hate my life...YET AGAIN..ok thats not true but yeah I am fed up with all this credit card nuisances. I am going on direct debits from now on. Enough with these credit cards...

P.S.: On second thoughts, I think I should get one of those wallets that I can wear around the neck. That will be my fashion statement!


  1. On a positive note, did it help the Grad student save any tiny bit ???

  2. Well I can't spend money as I don't have it and since credit cards are gone..yeah I am not spending at all except bare necessity.