February 3, 2012

And more complains

Living in London, the big bad London, is quite different from Houston. To start with, I use public transport in London. It means I interact with a lot of strangers on the road, in the train etc. So of course, I have complains, quite a few of them, actually, about how people behave in public places.

- I don't like people who smoke while walking. On top of it they overtake me while puffing their cigarettes. Hello, you want to smoke, you do. You want to die of cancer, your problem but what gives you right to make me inhale your smoke?

- I don't like people who listen to their iPod at the loudest volume, especially if they are sitting in quiet zone. There is a reason I chose to sit in the quiet zone. There they sit with their loud music making the quiet zone quite noisy.

- I don't like people who like to rant about their office on a phone in a train. I really don't want to hear how you are the smartest person around and everyone around you just don't have any common sense. And no its not okay to swear at your boss and colleagues in the train either. And no, you don't get our sympathy by doing so.

- I don't like people who block the exit of the train when they are in no hurry what so ever. I change 4 trains and a bus to reach my destination. If I miss any one of them, my travel time increases by about half an hour (that's above my usual 2 hour journey one way). So please excuse me for rushing but I don't have time to wait for you to fold your paper and then climb down the train. I usually climb the flights of stairs running and make it to the trains 30 sec before they depart. So just get out of my way!

- I don't like people giving me snide looks when I work on my Sudoku. Just because I am an Asian doesn't mean I don't enjoy Sudoku. BTW, I have a degree in Mathematics and I scored 800/800 in the quantitative section of GMAT. I think I am more than capable of solving and enjoying Sudoku.

That's all for today. More complains coming soon...


  1. These are irritants that are not really unrelated to being in London and more about being in a big city. This happens everywhere from New York to Bombay to Paris.
    When I'm annoyed with my commute I remember how terrible my Bombay commute used to be and how non existent public transport was where I used to live in the US and then I feel much much better.

  2. For a small town person who has always disliked big city, its a pretty hard adjustment. I have never used public transport to commute so I think its extra hard for me. I loved having my own car and my freedom in US. 

    I wish I can move to a small town again instead of being in a big city. 

  3. I am probably going to echo what Broom said...happens in most big cities. Btw...you travel for 2 hours each way and have to take 4 trains and a bus??? That must be a nightmare! Sounds as bad as Sydney trains if you work somewhere other than the city centre! It takes me 50 mins to drive to work but if I took public transport, it'd take me about and hour and a half. You planning on moving closer or somewhere more accessible anytime?

  4. Btw, that commute sounds absolutely horrific. Is it feasible to move any closer to your destination?
    Also when I'm in the tube I often peek at people solving sudoku because I'm trying to mentally solve it too. Could that be the reason for the looks?

    PS. We still have to meet up!

  5. It is and I am . After 2 months of trying it out, I am finally getting a place near work. 

    Nah, they don't stare at Sudoku, they actually give me a look and, pardon me for being a racist, but its almost always an Asian man who does so. I guess Asian women are not supposed to be good in maths.

    We definitely need to met up. Let me settle down a bit at new place. Things have been crazy for me for past two months. I do need some new friends in the city...

  6. I am. I simply can't continue 4 hours of journey any more. I am giving in after 2 months. Hopefully I will have more time for myself soon...