February 2, 2012

February Photo-a-day: Words


So Sunshine forwarded me this link about February Photo-a-day challenge. Unfortunately, I didn’t check her recommendation till this morning, so I missed the first day. But since I am lagging behind in both photography and blogging these days, I thought of giving it a try despite my super busy schedule. So here I am at 11:15 on 2nd Feb, posting the second day photo of the challenge (I was supposed to sleep by 10:30 since I need to be up by 6).

Today’s challenge is words. Since my commute time in London is about 4 hours per day, I have acquired a habit of doing Sudoku and crosswords published everyday in the local newspaper. So for today’s challenge I present today’s partly complete crossword.


Until tomorrow…or whenever I next get time to post.


  1. This seems quite cool...I've added the website to my blogs I follow and will think about it for next month!

  2. I am not too sure about it. Some of the topics are a bit impossible. Okay, may be not for everyone but for me at the moment it is, like sun. Try finding that in London. Or even inside a closet. Well I don't have a closet anymore. Where will get a photo of one? Let's see how things turn out...