July 26, 2011

Weekend Fun: Banff National Park

The weather forecast for this Saturday was sunny with 40% chance of rain. So I  decided to go to the mountains and take some pictures. The day started with some clouds but they didn’t look ominous. Actually they added a nice tone in the scenic route. 


However, it did not last. It was soon raining cats and dogs.


However, it did clear up and it was a beautiful beautiful day after that. The clouds shifted and you can almost see the blue sky. The fresh tress, the road, the clouds and the mountain - everything together made it almost magical. It was so hard to leave any one spot and move on to other. It was so hard to stop clicking pictures. How many times in your life do you see such a beautiful scene unfold in front of your eyes?


It was simply gorgeous. Needless to say, I had a terrific weekend.


  1. Hey girl.. just the thought that you drove on such lovely roads all by yourself is so relaxing.. the drive, the photography and the views.. simply superb.

    ps: leaving a comment on ur site takes so long.. i am wondering if thats coz u have done some kind of settings... but just wanted to let u know that i love reading ur posts and browsing thru the pictures you take. 

  2. Amazing pics Richa! Must have been a great weekend for sure...

  3. Thanks Tara! I was a bit disheartened when it started raining and almost went back home. But I paid $10 to enter the park!! That motivated me to wait for rain to clear up. I am so glad I stayed. It was a breath-taking scenery. 

    I am sorry for the problem with the comments. I will check the settings and see if I have messed up. What kind of problem do you face when you try to leave the comment? That will help me big time so solve the problem.

  4. Thanks PB! It was a great weekend! Loved each and every minute of it. The only drawback: I am so tired this week. Can't wait for the weekend. :)