July 15, 2011

Smell the Roses


People in cold countries, like Canada, can’t wait for summer. They talk about beautiful weather, about taking time off to visit some beautiful place in the mountains. And yet, they refuse to admire, slow down or even look up to see a beautiful day passing them by. I took the above picture of Calgary downtown from a +15 walkway. I simply couldn’t pass this scene without taking a picture. Most of  the people (not all though) who saw me taking this picture gave me a look before passing by.

To be fair, this is a narrow view of the scene, the actual scene looked something like this:


I stopped in my tracks when I entered this walkway. Beautiful, isn’t it? At least, I thought so. Am I only one who thinks this is beautiful? Why don’t other people see it? Even if I am in a hurry and such a scene present itself, I will slow down and will not take my eyes off it unless I absolutely have to. Why don’t anyone else? No really, why not?


  1. So beautiful! My sis is currently visiting my uncle and his family in Canada and is loving it. I don't blame them for waiting for summer...here in Sydney the worst it has been during winter is 0 to 5 degrees and I can't wait for summer! So when it goes to -30 and stuff, well, who wouldn't?? :D And yes, beauty does make me want to slow down and take it in...it's most annoying though if you are driving and can't do it. A couple of weeks ago I was driving and there was the most gorgeous rainbow in the sky...I wanted to pull over and take a pic but unfortunately couldn't. 

  2. BTW, I should have mentioned, they call spring as summer. At least that's how it feels like. The Canadians complain its too hot when it barely touches 25 C. I wonder how will they respond to 40-45 C (the temperature in Houston at the moment). 

    That's one of the reason I like driving in the right most lane (we have right hand drive in US). If I can't take an exit if I see something pretty, at least I can slow down a bit to admire the view for a bit. Of course, its not as good as stopping since you have to concentrate on the road at all time and can only see the view from corner of your eyes but still its better than nothing! :)