June 24, 2011

The Ten Day YOU Challenge - Ten secrets

Borrowed straight from Aathira’s blog, I am taking up the 10 Day you Challenge. This challenge seems pretty challenging. Let’s see how will I fare. So here goes the ten secrets:

1. I am very stubborn. Surprisingly though no one pegs me for being stubborn unless, of course, they get to know me. Apparently, being introvert and being stubborn don’t go together. 

2. I absolutely hate being pranked. Call me a bad sport or whatever, but I don’t get the fun of making fool of someone who trusts you. You see, most of the prank wouldn’t work if your “victim” does not trust you. So basically by pranking them you are telling them not to trust you. People actually enjoy doing that?

3. My most common nightmare involves being late for something, usually an exam or interview. In real life it means that if I am running late in real life, its like a nightmare coming to life. Needless to say, I don’t like getting late. Usually, I have to make efforts to be late.

4. I love to sing. However, it doesn’t mean that I am a good singer. It also doesn’t mean that I can sing in front of other people. When it comes to singing, I have a big case of stage fright. Even though I can now manage my fear of public speaking (actually I rather enjoy giving presentations now), yet I absolutely can not sing in front of other people.

5. I have a mental block against all the commerce subjects i.e., economics, finance, marketing, etc. (the only exception is statistics). I absolutely can not understand or retain anything related to any of those subjects. 

6. I like to eat ice-cubes. It can get very embarrassing in a restaurant but I simply can’t resist it.

7. I can’t grow my nails. Ever. No matter how cool it is or how much fashionable, I simply can’t tolerate long
fingernails. If I can’t find a nail-cutter soon enough, then I will bite them (as in nail-biting).

8. I am scared of breaking my neck. Apparently, there is no name for my phobia. The closest I could find was giraffeophobia: the fear of sticking your neck out. But I am not scared of sticking the neck, I am scared of putting wait on my neck, like when you do a somersault. 

9. I have been known to sleep talk and very rarely, sleep walk (only once). It usually happens when I am very stressed. But I do not snore.

10. I am secretly very proud of myself for finishing my PhD. No really. It was a rough journey and I almost quit it on several occasions. Thanks to my friends, I did make it through.

Phew…glad that’s done. Any other taker for the challenge?


  1. Might consider taking this challenge on. And I'm like you on the first one...like you, I'm very stubborn too...but I think people honestly don't think introverts can be stubborn! :) Nice to know a bit more about you. And in case I haven't told you before, kudos to completing a PhD! I couldn't do it...not a fan of research! :)

  2. oooh..looking forward to see yours. I agree, for some reason people confuse being introvert to being timid and a push-over. Just because I am not comfortable with meeting strangers or am non-confrontational doesn't mean I can't stand my ground or can have opinions. 

    PhD is a tough decision to take and even tougher decision to live with. I was a fan of research and all that and yet, it was pretty tough to stick to...

  3. I am so with you on Pt.1... totally true for me too :) 
    And I think its so wonderful that you could complete a PhD... I just never get myself to apply for it knowing its gonna be another 5-6 years! 

    Thanks for the mention and so glad you took the challenge :) 

  4. Thanks to you, I discovered the challenge. I needed something like this to get back in the blogging.

    For me, PhD was a given. I always wanted to do that so there was no question of if but when. I guess that was another thing that motivated me to finish it. If you ever start to think about PhD, be very sure before you join. Its a bumpy ride.