May 1, 2010

Loving it

I am, of course, talking about my new iPhone (yes, I have been lured to the dark side). Before I start ranting, I should put the disclaimer that I have been very busy lately and hence didn’t have time to explore all the possible apps or even fully explore the apps I have downloaded.

So let me start with the things I love about my iPhone. It’s obvious isn’t it? The numerous apps. As ‘Words with friends’ apps (online scrabble that you can play with your friends who have iPhone) that I have been hooked to (one of the two games I have downloaded).iPhone_08-1 Did I tell you about the time my friend earned 102 points? (The word was ‘Equid’ with Q on the TL tile and the word ending on TW tile). I am still in shock. Of course, I lost that game. By 50 points.

My recent favorite is ‘Audiobooks’ app (the first app I bought). I call it  ‘Bedtime story’ app as that’s how I use it. It has a function called sleep so that you can set a timer for it to close itself after x minutes. Perfect for my bedtime reading, er I mean listening. I am currently listening to ‘Alice’s adventures in wonderland’. I read that book long ago. It was an abridged version. So were a lot of books I read as a teenager. I never had time to catch on the unabridged versions of the classics I read as a kid. Now I can! Coming back to Alice: I absolutely love her. Like her idea about sending a new pair of boots to her feet every Christmas (as she grew so big that she couldn’t see her feet) and the address to which she planned to send the gifts to was:





Anyway, we were talking about my iPhone. So you see I do love a lot of things in my iPhone but the concept of iPhone scares me. It’s one stop for checking my emails, IMs etc. It automatically signs me in which means if someone picks up my iPhone, he/she will get access to all my personal accounts instantly. Yes, there is a passcode system for locking the phone. But do you really think in this world of hacking, malicious virus, Trojan horse etc, a mere 4 digit passcode is enough?

Does any of you with iPhone faced such paranoia? or am I overreacting? 

P.S.: 1. Yes, that’s my iPhone in the photo.

2. I have named my iPhone ‘Param’, after India’s first supercomputer (built sometime in 90s). Don’t laugh.

3. Before you ask, the second game I have downloaded is Sudoku.


  1. yay for the iphone :) I want one, but I'm not with AT&T, so waiting for Apple to sell it to other carriers too.

    And the name is nice! :) Enjoy!

  2. I think they are doing so by end of this year. My room-mate is waiting for the same thing. Hope it comes soon!!

  3. I love my Iphone, so can totally understand what you are feeling.......:-)