April 20, 2008

KML Editor

I don't know many people who actually work on kml files (Google Earth files) but I know quite a few people do work on it as there is an abundance of them on the internet. I am new at this so have been struggling a bit for past few days.

Anyway, in case you ever decide to make a presentation using Google Earth, which by the way rocks, here is a link for a free (and only, I think) kml editor. This good soul, bless him (or her), created this editor (and it actually works!) and have put it on web for free. Its not perfect, I agree but it so much better than the hassle of writing everything down in the notepad. You have no idea how painful it is to put tags every time you want to start a new line or want words to be bold or italicized (See how easily I can do it here!). It feels like stone age! Honestly. This editor brings me back to computer era, at least, though not to the nano-decade. Anyway, thanks again to whoever designed this editor and saved a week of my life!

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