February 4, 2008

And I did it again...

...I mean I embarrassed my self yet again. How, you ask? Well few days back (sometime in January) I got introduced to a guy who had just joined our Kenpo Karate. Today I met him again in the campus and we started talking. He, unfortunately, remembered my name. As you have guessed it, I didn't. Well let me write down the actual conversation. It will make more sense that way. So it went like..

Me: "Hi!"
Him: "Hi! Richa, right?"
Me: "Yep. Hey you remember it... "

Silence for a few seconds. I was trying to remember his name and after realizing that I don't remember it, I tried to muster the courage to ask again...

Me: "uhh. I am sorry I am really bad with names. I don't remember yours right now."
Him (smiling): "I won!"
Me: "Avin?"

The moment I said that, I realized he said "I won" and not "Avin". He laughed at me for a full minute. Honestly. One whole minute. I was standing right there getting redder by the second. I could actually feel all the blood rushing to my face. Why do I ever open my mouth?

P.S.: Well, he isn't that mean actually. We did talk for a while after that. The "Joke" seemed to ease him up or rather break the ice. I guess I would have laughed at me too, if I was at the other end...

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