February 10, 2009


(From: Ph.D. Comics)

Okay, I have to ask. Is Tajel an Indian? Her mom is dressed up in a saree. Somehow in all the years of following Ph.D. comics I missed this. Does anyone know? Is this the first time it is mentioned? Not that it matters but it will be nice to know.

P.S.: BTW, this is yesterday's strip.


  1. You know, it would be interesting to know! I was also thinking the same when I read the strip- since her Mom is in a saree. Though the name "Tajel" does not sound too Indian.
    if you find out, let me know too!

  2. I know. Tejal (meaning radiant), I might have related to Indian origin but Tajel threw me off. Honestly I can't stop thinking about it. Am writing a new post on it...

  3. it was mentioned in some strip.. where she told somebody the spelling of her name?

    Plus if you know your gujju community well.. "Tejal" is a very common name there :)

  4. Yeah Tejal is a common name and I would have related that one but Jorge insist on spelling it as TAJEL and not TEJAL so I got confused..