August 11, 2011

Random thoughts

- Is there something called photography block? I have been taking pictures but somehow they never come out the way I want them to be. I see them, delete them and go back again to take some more pictures.

- Why do almost all the comedies in US revolve around a male lead actor who is a douche bag, who, miraculously, is married to a beautiful woman who for some unknown reason tolerates him? Where is the comedy in seeing the douchebags messing up things and then boasting about it?

- Speaking of comedies, why is it considered funny seeing a man dressed in woman’s cloth? Why then, by the same logic (whatever it is), isn’t a woman dressed in man’s cloth considered funny? What’s so funny about it?

- How can anyone ever justify the looting hooligans of London? Why is media even trying to justify them? How do so called deprived youth be satisfied by stealing HD TVs and designer clothes? Is that what they are deprived of? They should all be sent to Somalia and they would know what deprivation really mean.

- Speaking of Somalia, what is with Indians and charity? Why don’t they ever donate? Seriously, few bucks out of your pocket won’t make a difference to you but it can make huge impact in someone else’s life. Please donate.

Oh well, I have been meaning to write all these as posts for past two weeks but carpal tunnel syndrome is raising its ugly head again. So I thought of simply posting these thoughts.


  1. Hmm, haven't heard of a photographer's block but wouldn't be surprised if it existed. The London riots were ridiculous. Apparently in this day and age you are sorely deprived if you don't have the latest technology. Mind you, I think they've recently found out it wasn't just the 'underclass' looting but wealthy young people too. My opinion: this is what happens when society goes too far the other way where kids don't fear authority any more. Hope your hand gets better soon and we see you blogging again!

  2. HI Richa,

    - No-one is justifying anything that those nut jobs did on the streets of London a week ago. People over here are pissed as HELL. You know how the media is, they are always on the look out for "investigative journalism" in the process of which they wont hesitate to justify acts of atrocity or brush up their own mistakes under the carpets. But like I said the majority of people who go out everyday and work to put food on the plate are furious about what happened. There is a minority (the ones who are from similar backgrounds as the looters) who are taking the side of the rioters and their reasons are ludicrous. Why don't they think about the situation in Somalia ? well because they simply don't know about they country,  most of they are school drop outs who dont have any education, have not traveled and are unaware of how lucky they are.

    - Interesting point about men dressed in women's clothing, although I think it should be rephrased to "why is clothing called uni-sex now a days when it really isn't"