June 7, 2010

Quality of Posts versus Frequency

The downside of participating in NaBloPoMo and writing a post a day, the quality of posts decreases drastically. I have 2-3 topics on which I can possibly write post and all I could do is rant. Not that I don’t always rant but those rants are still have some creativity, some flow, some meaning. All I have been able to come up since yesterday falls in the category of “Please stop writing” (See the graph). It might be due to the approaching deadlines, lack of sleep, irregular meals or may be just the frequency of posts. Anyhoo, I thought I will make the graph that at least reflect my quality of posts versus frequency of posting..

QualityVsFrequency          (The graph is made using Cheezburger.com.)

So what do you think? You agree with this graph?


  1. From personal experience I can say that this holds true for me too. If I end up writing too much, I get into the rant mode (not that I don't do it otherwise, but at least it's not as much). This is one reason why I haven't tried the NaBloPoMo...I know I won't have that much to write and so the quality will go down for sure. As long as I write when I want to, instead of writing because I have to, I think I do ok.

  2. Verrrrrry nice! You have the soul of a researcher :)
    But I should add, the quality of your posts has not gone down. They are as interesting, iluminating and engrossing as ever.

  3. I agree, and yet for some reason this is the second time I have signed up for NaBloPoMo. However, this time they have these writing prompts as well as a theme. So if I couldn't think of anything to write, I have these fall backs. It really helps, and takes off a lot of pressure.

    I hated it the first time i did it. but this time, I am enjoying it so far...May be it's just phase of my life and this provides a good outlet for me. :)

  4. Thanks Rachna! You are always so encouraging..not that I mind these ego-boosts. You are the best! :)

    BTW, do you know about the GraphJam site? They have these graphs everyday: some are lame but most of them are great. Try it..