December 8, 2011


I was mailing a friend with an attachment using gmail. As usual I forgot to attach the file. And this popped up:

Gmail is scanning my messages now!! I mean its a useful feature and everything but I kind of feel exposed and vulnerable now. I know with onset of social networking sites everything the personal boundaries have shrunk. People no longer mind posting very personal messages on the wall for the world to see (I have been guilty of that on few occasions as well), but a machine scanning my personal mails is kind of scary. What if they are reading all my private messages? There is a reason I am using mail to write them and not Facebook...


  1. Among many things ... it also picks up addresses and phone numbers from the email text. After all .... nothing comes for free :)

  2. I get phone numbers and email addresses. it scan for numbers and symbols. But scanning my mail for text and matching a phrase. That's invasion of privacy.

    But yeah, nothing comes for free...

  3. This happened with me too, and it was scary.