September 12, 2009

Logically incorrect

Most probably, you have seen this jpg in one way or the other. It was in circulation few years back and made way to my inbox too. It’s about how to prove that Girls are evil. Read on:

Girls are evil

I have debated (with my own self, of course) a lot about writing this post. I don’t consider myself feminist. I don’t like generalizing things. I think every person is different in their own way and hence there is no point judging them as a group.

This particular piece, however, intrigued the mathematician in me and hence I have to point out the flaw in this line of reasoning. My problem lies in the first line of the proof that states:

Girls require time and money.

This statement implies that Girls don’t have Time and Money as Girls require them. The statement also implies that Boys, on the other hand, have Time and Money as Boys give Time and Money to Girls when Girls require them. Now my reasoning tells me that someone who has the Time and Money (namely Boys) is more liable for the above arguments than someone who requires them (namely Girls). Hence following the above logic, we will be forced to conclude that:

Boys  = Evil

Comments, anyone?

P.S.: The comments like ‘Genius’, ‘Brilliant’, ‘Ingenious’ etc. are also welcome. To hell with humbleness. ;)


  1. I am in total agreement of your first paragraph, and I don't consider either gender as evil so no comments about the logic

  2. I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


  3. I was surprised that u wrote this blog on that stupid mail.....its a wierd joke being circulated for years like other wierd jokes about sardars, bengalis, women drivers, etc.,etc., I think Good & Evil exist in every one of us, either Men or Women and its just the oppurtunity and our conscious that decides which one overcomes the other. The same way, if one is evil, he/she will find this joke funny and on the contrary, if one is good, he/she will ignore this stupid joke........i chose to ignore this (so called)joke, but that doesnt mean that i am GOOD!!!!!

  4. @ Sunny_raju: Thanks! The post was not about proving any gender evil but about pointing out the flaw in the logic.

    @ Rachna: Thanks and welcome back! Eagerly waiting for your next post. Please update your blog.. :)

    @ Gopal: You said it. It is a stupid joke and should be taken in that spirit. As you might have noted, this isn't a serious post. And I explained in the first para, the proof isn't logically sound.

    An interesting observation, however, is that all the guys got flared up by this post for some reason. I wonder if this has to do with the outcome of the posts...