September 11, 2008

Battery Down..

..finally. I have reached a stage when all my creative juices have dried up. I just don't have anything to write about. Guess that's what they call writers block or may be it's just I need a break from all the work. I have finally manage to over-exhaust myself, I guess.

Whatever the reason, all I know that I am not able to write anymore. Not that I didn't start any post in past few days. I have approximately 4-5 drafts. Somehow every time in the middle of the post I am overcome by the feeling that that's not what I want to write about and BAM! I can't write anymore. And that's so weird because all I do on this blog is ramble, whine, complain and rant. And if I can't do that anymore, I am not sure what can I do? That's my life people. I complain, I rant and I whine. That's who I am! I am an expert in that. You know that song from movie Bemisaal:
Khafa hoon, Khafa hoon, Khafa hoon,
Kisi baat par main kisi se khafa hoon

Main jinda hoon par jindagee se khafa hoon,
Khafa hoon, Khafa hoon, Khafa hoon

(I am indignant, I am indignant, I am indignant,
For some reason I am indignant with someone

I am alive but I am indignant with (with or on? Pardon my English) life,
I am indignant, I am indignant, I am indignant)
That song was written for me. That's why I have this blog and now I can't complain! Aw man. No. Wait a minute. Does that mean that I am actually happy and I can't find any thing to compalin about? Weird. Ok. I know the solution now. I need to get unhappy and that too very soon. Any ideas?

P.S.: 1. On second thoughts, doesn't every one who blogs does that because they like to complain or rant? Ok not the tech bloggers or photobloggers but rest of us. You know either we complain about the current political scenarios or the economic situations or social problems or personal problems. We all are here for one reason and one reason only: WHINE. Actually scratch that. It should be: WHINE PUBLICLY. Oh ok. I like to write too. But that's a different story but guess that's the only reason readers actually read us whine about anything and everything. Whoever came up with the idea of blogging must be a good psychologist (or psychiatrist: I will never know the difference). They must have figured out that every human needs to whine so let's give them a space on web to do so. And see how successful it has become. Simply brilliant.

2. Ok. That was a long Post Script. Should have written that in the post.

3. PARDON MY ENGLISH. I am too tired to make much sense right now. Hopefully you can make sense out of this post. All the best!

4. Yay! I finally published this one. No more saved drafts. Does that mean that my writer's block is gone? Or does that mean I am unhappy again?


  1. Aare itna lamba chauda likha to sahi! :) Don't worry... we all go through this. Nice new blog template, though. Keep writing, or you could use the tops I posted on my blog: one of them will definitely help :P

  2. if you don't feel like writing then don't.. but atleast keep posting the photo-project photos! Am really missing my camera here, and planning to get one soon.

    Am missing having a bike too! Please save me the effort and money, and let me know if you happen to know of any good second hand bike being sold, or any other tips about bikes. In return, you'll be treated with two good home-made laddus (I am very possessive about them :D)

  3. Battery down every where, bear market, pink slips...